Small Buyout Team

Drive small business growth through investment

Small companies account for the majority of all companies within Japan, and they do not only serve to play important roles in the manufacturing, distribution, and services industries but they also are extremely important in their role as providing employment for a vast number of workers.

In addition, Small companies contribute to the formation Japan’s strong culture of craftsmanship, and are “the main player in Japan” by providing support for both the Japanese economy and society.
However, many of them are confronted by various issues including the aging of their management, delay of employing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to improve efficiencies, and development of overseas business.

ACA Small Buyout leverages bountiful expertise and experience in small company investments, and its experiences in ICT to increase the corporate value of the investment target companies. We build mutual trust with a management team of the target investment companies and will quickly fortify the management foundation by adopting an aggressive hands-on support after investments are made, and will introduce collaborative partners and capital to realize further growth.

Small Buyout Value Creation -Competitive edge-
Fortify businesses by leveraging ICT

  • Small companies, especially those owned by aged founders, often stick to a legacy business style and do not actively apply ICT.
  • ACA Small Buyout has established strong knowledge and networks in the ICT industry, and helps portfolio companies maximize ICT investments by carefully selecting key areas to focus upon.

Help improve corporate governance issues when considering small companies

  • Different from large companies which have ample manpower and resource, small companies need to build an effective governance system in line with the actual circumstances.
  • ACA Small Buyout is an expert in efficiently conducting small business management, and we can apply our bountiful knowhow and experience horizontally to all of our portfolio companies in a short period of time.

Assist overseas business development

  • Entering a new market is a complicated and requires a clear understanding of local culture and business practices. It is essential to take advantage of key local business persons and skillful accountants and lawyers.
  • With a team of professionals who are familiar with marketing and accounting across Asia. ACA Small Buyout assists portfolio companies successfully gain a competitive position in foreign countries.
Current investments
Company name:
KK. Gorin Packing.
Stripping various soft packing products
Investment date:
May 2015
Company name:
​Trade co.,ltd.
Sales and design of Sign displays and promotion materials, and Installation of Signing display
Investment date:
December 2014
Company name:
Takeda industry co.,ltd.
Distribution and manufacture of bicycles and bicycle parts
Investment date:
March 2014

Brief career histories of members of the ICT Team
Takashi Nishino
1997 Joined Dentsu Inc.; developed and adopted communication plans for client firms
2003 Joined Accenture's strategy group; worked on business planning and management planning in telecommunications, high-tech, and media industries
2005 Promoted to group manager of Accenture
2006 Joined Nikko Antfactory K.K.
2008 Seconded, then transferred to ACA Inc.
Mr. Nishino graduated HEC in France(MBA).